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yo, sorry for not posting an entry sooner, been busy with life.. and not doing jack for Spring Break. d: 

umm not much has been going on, really. 
kind of been getting into the Bleach kick again and been starting to get back into illustrating my VC stuff. i kind of want to illustrate a scene out of my story i've posted a few chaps of on here, Venus Blooming in Bloodshed.. i might try my hand at that in a little bit after posting this journal.

i DID catch the new 300 movie, earlier today. it was pretty.. bloody. lol but it's all good... well maybe that's not the right term for it. huh, can't think of a correct term atm.. go figure. anywho! 
bible-history-perspective-wise, it was interesting. tho it prolly could've been better without the exaggerated almost-sex scene between.. well, i'd rather not give it away. at least the first movie was a bit classier b/c Leonidus and his Queen were married, but yeah. and we learn the reason as to WHY Xerxes is the effeminate-son-of-a-pig he was in the first movie. (in all retrospect pre-King Xerxes was pretty hot.. now that i think on it there were several soldiers i noticed that were hot, and i'm referring to "above the shoulder" hot.. |'D)

that's all for now, folks.
on a last note, i'm getting psyched for the upcoming Godzilla movie in May. that looks awesome, and given they have an actual actor who's Japanese instead of Matthew Broderick (major props to Watanabe Ken-san, btw. great actor!) and Gojira looks more intimidating than he (it) did in the 90s-early 21st century, it looks more promising. hopefully the previews won't be that deceiving.. :0

anywho, ja ne!

:: Huntress ::  

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Akaides 3 days ago  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Well i think that I already know you.... buttttt  Rules are rules xD 

There we go  for first nice to meet you. Akira Souma (Megane thumbs up yeah) [V1] 

Thank you very much for Watch it's for me big honor. 
Yeah so I promise to make much more arts and other stuffs. 
This time I will make some changes and I would like to see a lot of youre comments opionions and somethink like that. For now that's all and again thanks a lot for watch I hope that you will spend some good time by watching me. ho ho You can write to me anythink you want I will always replay ( sometimes it tooke me some time becouse I have broken internet or just I have to much of messenges and DA is spaming me) But anyway i will replay.
So take care and have a good time.  

PS. (I'm sorry for late answer ... You can punish me, but ya know without hitting me man I'm serious man I'm serious Yo )
another ps. ( ya know I'm deam bussy with my art academy and I will submit some deam epic arts but ya need to be patient yo  now I promise to make somethink every day, ya I promise ) 
Sambre-sambre 3 days ago  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you very much for the faves and the watch! ^-^
BloodmoonHuntress 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you're welcome (:
BloodmoonHuntress 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you're welcome (:
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