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- Misty Mountains Call - by BloodmoonHuntress
- Misty Mountains Call -
partially inspired by BoFA after watching it twice, mostly bc i've been meaning to flesh out a Middle-Earth character for a few years.. so here she is, gents!

meet Eäriel, the Shapeshifting Wanderer// small bio for her on my art tumblr. jury's still out on who she's to be paired with.. possibly Thorin or Fili/Kili, but elsewise i'm happy with her. ^^

Eäriel © :iconbloodmoonhuntress:
121814 by BloodmoonHuntress
these two dorks were stuck in my head so i decided to do this little Christmas doodle. already posted on tumblr

Souji © Hakuouki/ Kawa © Moi
Hakuouki: Scarf I by BloodmoonHuntress
Hakuouki: Scarf I
Souji was being a brat wanted me to do a solo portrait of him with his new scarf Kawa made him. >//< altho he's a bratty bae, he's gorgeous so its very hard to deny him that much~. (l'D and yes, green fits him well. period.

Okita Souji © Hakuouki
l Hana no Atosaki l by BloodmoonHuntress
l Hana no Atosaki l
i started this.. back in August, i think. finally got around to finishing the lineart and now i just need to color it. it looks pretty amazing already imo, but i wanna try some old-fashioned cell shading for it. edited the lines with Photoshop even though i deleted it bc it was taking a toll on my drive.. orz.. but tbh i think i figured out how to make the lines look blurred in Sai. hopefully i'm not wrong. (:

* yes, this is the gang 5 years after the Boshin War (in my headcanon Hijikata doesn't die at Gouryokaku, Souji doesn't have TB, Saitou survived the battle between the Satcho Forces and Aizu).

L -> R: Hijikata/ Souji/ Kawa/ Saitou

**edit** C'EST MAGNIFIQUE~! :iconsuperw00tplz: //goes off to die happily

Hakuouki © IDEA Factory l Kawa © Moi l "Hana no Atosaki" © Mao


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Are You A Tsundere Or A Yandere?
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yo sorry i've been gone. what's up, dA? 

i can see the site changed a bit.. not that i mind, the change was sorta needed tbh. i like it tho i can't figure out the damn logo now.. what is it, a ladder? oO

not much has changed, been scowering/ RP'ing on tumblr a lot, and just writing and drawing as per usual. missed you guys though! sorry i haven't been on..

still on a Hakuouki kick, and sort of expanding my horizons by getting more into Edo/Sengoku period history (bc it's just interesting. deal.), mostly writing nowadays.. haven't finished many drawings, but i'll post ones that i have finished/ progressed on in a few.

anyway! if you're interested to see what i write, just go onto my profile (sadly i've been more attentive there than here, sorry dA), started a new Hakuouki story and a rebooted Shinsengumi Kitan fic that is going to transition into the Hekketsuroku season soon as soon as i get off my lazy ass and work on it... orz.

"The Words of a She-Wolf": a college AU where Kawa has to survive her first year at Roshigumi Univ. while dealing with classes, her adoptive family (Hijikata), and her ex who's suddenly come back into her life (Souji).
"Chimamire no Hana": after establishing their foothold in Kyoto, can the Shinsengumi maintain the dream they have to one day be recognized for their courageous deeds? and will they defeat the shadows surrounding their infamous name?

umm that's all for now, so i'll let you guys think on that. later!

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