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- Fall to Pieces - by BloodmoonHuntress
- Fall to Pieces -
Kawa released his arm and her own hands formed into fists, looking down momentarily and then looking up at him. “Don’t do anything stupid. Please… I’m just as pissed off as you are, believe me, but still… that doesn’t mean he’s dead. Kondou-san will be fine, you know that!” She said, her voice slightly cracking but elsewise it remained strong.

“That doesn’t change what happened to him, Yasakawa!” Souji argued, watching her wince at his tone when speaking her full name; he cut his gaze away to the darkened yard. “It doesn’t change the fact that those Satcho assholes didn’t have the balls to fight honorably, and it sure as hell doesn’t change what the hell is gonna happen when I kill the cowards who tried to assassinate Kondou-san.” He said lowly, glaring at the darkness, beginning to walk away.

“I know it doesn’t, okay? I know!
I just don't want you to die trying to avenge him!" She shouted, watching him halt again; the tears stung at her eyes. “You told me you didn’t want me to die, once, didn’t you? Well I’m asking for you to do the same! I don’t want to lose you, Okita Souji, even if it means my life is sacrificed for your sake… I swear that!” She broke the distance between them to wrap her arms around his waist from behind, face buried into his back as she closed her eyes tightly.

Kawa... He slid his eyes closed as she squeezed on his stomach, exhaling. “Promises like that make it hard ta be a swordsman, y’know.” He mused quietly.

 She surfaced and rested her cheek against his strong back, eyes slightly puffy. “Being in love with you makes it hard to keep my sanity alive, too, dummy.” She sniffed.

something i felt like drawing to kinda boost morale for my fic, Hana no Satsugai: Kaika. was kinda feeling moody b/c i blew off my bf last night too so this was the result of such emotions! /brick'd

** to make a point of this, Souji has gotten to the point where he hates seeing Kawa cry. why you ask? he enjoys seeing her smile and laugh, so when she sports an expression that is polar opposite of how he wishes she would look, he feels it somehow or another is because of something that either happened in their surroundings or its something he did/said.

*** the hiragana in the top left corner says "don't cry, please."
Okita Souji (Hakuouki) © IDEA Factory | "Fall to Pieces" © Avril Lavigne
Children of the Swordsmen by BloodmoonHuntress
Children of the Swordsmen
shitty, title is shitty. D: Souji and Kawa's children, Isami on the left and Ayame on the right. Isami takes after his mother whereas Ayame takes after her father. aren't they adorable~? 

so what if i can't draw kids worth beans? /brick'd

Isami and Ayame Okita © Moi


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long time no write, sorry folks. anyway, i revamped an old blog on tumblr and made it for an indie rp blog for my OC, Kawa (Hakuouki).

the Scabbard of the Shinsengumi | art tumblr

feel free to check it out, gents! by BloodmoonHuntress

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