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whoa been a loong time since i've done one of these.. eh well a few other artists i follow here do the same so, what the hell? 


even though it took me at least.. what, an hour? to get caught up to ch589 yesterday //is very glad to be able to read manga fast and i feel i should give a mild recap on what i read.

so in ch 589 it's almost literally a deja-vu scenario. why, you ask? lightly touching on what happened in 588, Ishida accompanied Ywach and Haschwalt to the Soul King's dimension leaving behind a very confused and very pissed Kurosaki Ichigo and friends (Urahara miraculously managed to get himself, Inoue and Chad to Soul Society through another garganta).. and continuing where that bit of drama left off, Urahara sent Ichigo, Chad and Inoue up to the Soul King's dimension through a cannon much like the one used waaay back to rescue Rukia (long long time ago..) except this one has two conditions:
01) it only works once (according to Mr. Hat-and-Clogs)/ 02) both Urahara and Captain Kurotsuchi had collaborated on it so the cannon would work should they have need for it huh well imagine that.. /deadpans

which brings us to the fight going on in Seireitei that has now centered on a particularly... hair-raising squabble between both Ikkaku and Yumichika against Giselle Jewel which so happens to be a dude who has the ability to reanimate the dead through contact with her spilled blood.. yep, that's right, zombies. eeechh..
don't mind me, i just happen to not like the highly-flammable garbage bugs. /shrugs

carrying on! the boys are cornered until who decides to show? The equally Mad-as-Twenty-Hatters Captain Kurotsuchi. as much as i'm trying to refrain from bashing on said captain (never really liked him, he just creeps me out.. /deadpans) i had half a right mind to request he wear his old clothes he used to wear instead of... well, instead of looking like a fluorescent-bulb-wired Christmas Tree throwing Poke-balls at Giselle (who is coincidentally using a reanimated Bambietta (Komamura took the bitch down, that's my favorite lycanthrope! /cries waterfalls of joy) as her shield and offensive countermeasure (a zombie that can make anything it touches into bombs.. ugh, the mild-zombie-phobe in me just cries..)) to absorb the reishi from her attacks at least that's how i think it goes... aand here's where it gets weird... okay, weirder.

to fight fire with fire (proverbially-speaking), against Giselle's reanimated corps of squad members (low-ranked by the looks of it..), Kurotsuchi summons four reanimated blokes from his personal "stock", four people who, to paraphrase, wouldn't have a problem fighting against those who aren't their allies (the opposite of shinigami.. think carefully now..)

yep, these guys:
 photo 16-17_zpsc1275043.png

what's ironic is that i remember Kurotsuchi saying he had retrieved "remnants" from when the four captains were dispatched to Hueco Mundo to help Ichigo as the rest of the captains had been sent to defend Karakura Town, though of any of the Arrancars, Espada, Fraccion or Numeros, he had to pick these four!? i only remember some of their abilities, but not all of them... T0T

well let's hope they'll at least be more interesting now that they're reanimated.. hope against hope i guess.

anyway, so that's all i have to say. well okay, that and the fact that Funimation announced they're releasing Hellsing Ultimate IX and X in dub by fall (don't ask why i keep thinking October..) plus Anne Rice's new book coming in October, three days before Halloween, Prince Lestat. i just might have to break my no-vampire phase by then to get more.. familiarized with both events..
hnng Lestat and Alucard... :iconnosebleedingplz:

*cough* ugh damn my allergies..

so there's that! lol not much else to say except that i did start a new BLEACH story, Captaincy, which you can find on my page. am i selling my works to get recognition? damn straight. anyway, feel free to check it out! i'm working on a few pieces to promote the story, too atm. 

okay i'm done. later! (:

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